Thematic Programmes

We believe that God’s love, and peace can only be found in a community based upon right relations. Hence we seek to rebuild communities by supporting and aligning with the poor, the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the oppressed in their struggle for justice as well as to advocate for changes to policies and practices that contribute to the perpetuation of injustices; seeking to uphold God’s inclusive call to promote the dignity and the rights of all human beings. To this end, ADDRO is committed to making life better for all people by working in seven thematic areas in order to create the most holistic impact on communities. These are:

  1. Agriculture and sustainable livelihoods
  2. Health
  3. Education  and Advocacy
  4. The environment
  5. Governance and peace building
  6. Disaster and relief
  7. Capacity development

ADDRO is currently implementing six specific development programmes. These are:

  1. Food Security and Livelihoods
  2. Integrated Community Based  Health – focus Malaria,  HIV/AIDS, TB and Hepatitis
  3. Gender & Reproductive Health
  4. Community-Based Rehabilitation of the physically challenged
  5. Water and Sanitation
  6. Emergency Relief Aid